Is Every Industry on Earth “Mobilizing”?

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The largest trade event in the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), is taking place this week in Barcelona. Reporting from the show, MarketWatch’s Kim Hjelmgaard said that he sees “every industry on earth mobilizing.”  Given this is a mobile event, it’s no surprise he’d make such a grandiose statement.  But when you look at what’s happening around the world, there’s more truth to it than one might expect at first blush.

One reason for Hjelmgaard’s claim came from the keynote presentation at WMC by Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company. Ford predicted that the world faces “global gridlock” of wireless networks due to the growth in mobile devices, and of course he had automobiles on his mind. There are over 1 billion cars on the road today, and he sees rapid growth of networked cars gobbling up bandwidth in the future. As a member of the GENIVI Alliance, an automotive industry association driving the development and adoption of an open in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform, I anticipate that cars will have platforms much like smartphones in the near future, so it makes sense that the automobile industry is taking a major presence at WMC, as these “large mobile devices on wheels” become more computerized, connected, and app enabled.

And it doesn’t stop there. The healthcare industry is mobilizing to care for people in remote locations, to use mobile technology to improve the patient experience, to enable mobile clinicians, and much more.

The financial services industry has been going mobile to provide consumers with mobile banking services (e.g. scanning your checks with your smartphone to deposit them directly into your account), eliminating some old, inefficient ways of doing things,.

And the Enterprise has been driven by their customers to go mobile, as well as their employees – what’s called  the “consumerization of IT” where workers expect their devices to connect to corporate networks.

There’s a wealth of evidence to suggest “every industry on earth is mobilizing” but perhaps more to the point, people are acquiring and using smart mobile devices for almost everything, and they, in turn, are driving every industry to mobilize.  What do you think?


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