Open Source Super Communities: Everyone Benefits

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The concept of super communities and industries organizing together to collaboratively solve problems is highly relevant to HP and our most important community – our customers. HP works closely – and continuously – with customers to help their businesses grow and open source software continues to play an increasingly important role. We believe it is much more powerful when an industry comes together to solve problems and innovate, and open source is where much of the most exciting collaboration and innovation is happening these days, for HP and our customers.

For example, HP has worked closely with the Linux Foundation and its other members to add features to Linux making it more suitable for the Telco industry. It has been very interesting to observe how users there, like our customers in other markets, are helping one another create successful communities. Everyone benefits, balancing the amount of effort they put it in with what they get out of it.

It’s exciting to watch open source continue to penetrate every dimension of technology, business and consumer life. As a leader in the open source community HP is widely involved with a number of initiatives, from establishing FOSSBazaar, to our involvement with SPDX, as well as hosting FOSSology. At the end of the day we have placed a lot of emphasis on helping our customers, including both large enterprises and small organizations get comfortable with open source in their environment.

In addition, HP has become much more engaged with issues such as open source governance. We’ve spoken extensively with customers in a number of verticals about where HP sees open source going. In this process we discussed what open source governance means and our processes for ensuring compliance. Providing a glimpse into how HP is benefiting from the managed use of open source software helps our customers benchmark their own processes and areas, such as governance, where they could begin to make improvements.

There are a plethora of teams inside HP using open source. We recently announced our cloud initiative with the OpenStack community and we’re also adding mission critical features to Linux as part of project Odyssey.  Also, in January we announced our plans to release the premier WebOS mobile operating platform as open source.

Open source continues to penetrate every dimension of computer-related products from tablets through massive hyper scale hardware. HP will continue to advocate for open source throughout our business, and as well as guide our customers in the many ways they can benefit from it. Our connections and conversations which stem from events like the Open Source Think Tank (held this week in Napa, Cali.), help us stay ahead of the trends so that HP and our customers are strongly positioned now and for the future.


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